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The toughest was when I was going on a lot of dates. That's part of why I wanted to do something beyond just gambling on fantasy sports - because just being a gamer isn't seen as something with a lot of social value.

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On FanDuel 2 game slates there are only about 1000 lineups that I would consider average or better so if a tournament has a lot of entries I'm trying to measure how good my lineup is vs. how many people are going to have it, because you're going to need to hit the perfect lineup to win.

Stacking in NBA isn't something I do a ton except by coincidence. Player performances aren't very correlated because the only stat that correlates is an assist, and that's at the expense of that player using a possession themselves.

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That's a tough one. I would have to go with CS:GO.

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Thanks man! The bankroll required to max enter the big gpp's every night is some multiple of the prize for first. Like if it's 100k to first you need a bankroll of several hundred thousand to make sure you won't go broke. Of course many people do it with less bankroll but many people go bust and you only see the ones who get lucky continue.

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I would just make a sequel to a 100 million maker. Fast and the Furious 27 probably.