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This was me and my fiance. We had a pretty awful first date. I rambled about essentially nothing the whole time and it was very awkward. To my surprise, he asked me on a second date, I confirmed the time but we didn't confirm a location. He messaged (through OkCupid) on Friday to confirm, I missed the message until Sunday morning, the day we were supposed to get together. I responded saying I still wanted to see him again, he thought I had blown him off and made plans to go to an open mic with some friends but said I should come along. Our second date was much more relaxed, we were both in our element and Sparks flew.

We are getting married in just over a year. 😊

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I am currently working as an AmeriCorps member. It is a good option for those who didn't do military service, but it isn't nearly as lucrative. My boyfriend did 5 years in the Army and had his undergrad paid in full. Unfortunately that included a year in Iraq, which has left some scars on him. I cannot say that a free ride in a state school compares to a $5000 ed award, but the loan deferment is nice, and the diversity of placements across the country is great. I am in a State/National program that is regionally based, which means that there are a lot of programs within one organization. Because of this, when my first placement as a residential support counselor within a youth runaway and homeless shelter took too harsh a tole on my mental health, (it's hard to go to work every day and be constantly surrounded by youth who have been abused and are in crisis) I was able to switch to a more stable work environment without sacrificing my education award, allowing me to complete my term of service in an environment where I feel like I am doing good work that is also healthy for me. I would recommend it as an alternative, especially if one has an interest in service.

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AmeriCorps--- it offers delays on student loans as well as a $5000 educational award to go towards paying off federal student loan debt following a year of service.

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I worked at a homeless shelter with a few kids that had FAS, While your health concerns are nothing to be down-played, the fact that your mind remained intact is phenomenal. Many of the kids that I worked with were incredibly mentally delayed and had difficulty functioning in group situations. Thank you for doing this AMA, more often than not, people don't take into account the thoughts and experiences of people with FAS. Your voice is incredibly valuable, especially for those who are not able to articulate their experiences.

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hey, I was directed to this thread by HuffPo and I can also elaborate on this question.

I have the Mirena (5 year) IUD, and I love it, but it's a love-hate relationship. Prior to getting it implanted in 2012, I had done just about everything. The pill gave me hormone spikes and mood swings, the patch gave me a rash and made me incredibly nauseas, and nuvaring was fantastic, but every once in a while I wouldn't get it in time so I would be paranoid about whether or not I was protected. I switched to the IUD and it has bee great, except one thing. I never had cramps before the IUD, and now I have them frequently. Wait to long to go to the bathroom? Cramps. Period? Cramps. Random as fuck I don't know why? Cramps. It blows. The cramps are never intense, but it's painful, awkward, and inconvenient. Also- Spotting. My cycle has been completely annihilated by this blessed contraption, so in the off chance I do get my period (which is rare) I never have any idea when it's coming and or how long I will have it. I've gone months without and then had a 3 week long cycle. I've gone months without and spotted for 3 days and been done. Shit's weird. But I love it, because ain't no babies movin' into my lady oven any time soon. That trumps everything else for me.