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Less fat doesn't necessarily mean more healthy

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And do you see the price of real meat increasing because of the alternative? Do you see real meat being priced out of supermarkets? (As an economist, I do)

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What do you think about the idea that you work in marketing? And the amount of money tax dollars the Air Force and other branches spend on marketing?

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good history lesson. Needs to be told more often.

Especially to Americans who think they liberated ROK.

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Do people complain about the prices?

I checked out the site the other day, and found the insurance to be quite expensive.

I'm a 28/m and was expected to pay over 200/mo for something that only covers 50-60% of insurance costs. That's the equivalent of $2400/year + 50% of medical bills. I've been to the ER once in the last 5 years, without insurance, and they only charged me $2000. I don't see how insurance saves me any money, nor do I see how this is cheaper than the previous system (last I had was 140/mo for 80% coverage after $200 co-pay)