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It only cost him 4 years and 11 months in prison, coupled with $2,100+ of DLC lawyers.

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What are the supported file types?

I see that you talk about working to make sure .psd files are compatible, but how about .raw or other more ridiculous ones?

I ask because Lightroom failed to load .cdr2 files (from a camera).

Side note: it's amazing that it's all done in browser.

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This will likely be lost, but I respect this thought and sentiment so much. But I think it's important to remember that scandalous comedy is informative, and almost necessary to highlight the reality that these things exist, and are (disgustingly) prevalent among not just the industry you work in, but everywhere. So while it may socially be in poor taste... r/toosoon will happily await you.

Thank you for the wonderful AMA, as well as all the work you have done.

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That's pretty cool! I'll definitely check this out, awesome work.

Never feel bad about trying to monetize/not open sourcing. You've got to make your money

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We also paid them trillions to install a fiber infrastructure.

That still doesn't exist.