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Having been faced with you're own mortality, what are your thoughts on death now?

You said that you may have been living with it for 3 years and showed no symptoms,in your opinion, should people act somewhat like a hypochondriac to be sure you dont have cancer?

Congrats on living through it, you sound tough as hell. I'm glad we still have another person on this planet.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply, its refreshing to hear that someone is so accepting of the unknown. I'm 19 and I've only recently realised the actualities of death, and it absolutely terrifies me.

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Hello Mr Ford. I read somewhere that you got a part in Star Wars because you were working for George Lucas as a Janitor or something at the time and he chose you for the part. I was just wondering what did you had planned for your life if you had not been discovered for the role?

averagestu2 karma

Hey, I'm currently in my final year of uni doing Law (in English and Scots law). For my dissertation I am covering contractual obligations in the music industry, focussing on exploitation and artists creation rights.

I was wondering if you guys have been signed by anyone yet? If you have, would there be any possibility of talking to you about your contract?

I realise this is a very sensitive question, so if there is any chance of it happening, please PM me. Thanks!