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How long have you been in Syria? and also have you been to Hasakah? That's where I'm from!

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Independence at the expense of who or what? What about Armenians and Assyrians who also suffered in Iraq? Who also fought daesh? Who they themselves suffered at the hands of the Kurds both in the past and present? Being degraded and spat on in Israel for not being Jews? A genocide denied because Jews are too busy with their own atrocities to care about others. This is a direct quote by the man in charge of Armenian relations in Israel.

Even if they got their independent country, Kurds only formed a majority in villages scattered in the desert. Towns in northern Syria are extremely diverse with no single majority in them. Giving them this land completely ignores the claims of other ethnic groups in the region.

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Western Governments look at the Kurds as potential allies in a region hate entirely anti Israel. Any people group who support the state of Israel get the undoubtable support of the USA, because of this the US will ignore present and past crimes of the Kurds. People have nothing to do with this, they do what their government tells them or maybe they just like a good ‘underdog’. As much as Americans and Europeans like to accuse foreign governments of running propaganda campaigns, they themselves have fallen to their own country’s propaganda. Point is, helping the Kurds allows the US to administer control and support from active militants in a region where they have many many enemies.