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you got me, i wasn't reading anything important, like documents that would help me to cure cancer or that would tell me the time of my death, you know, all the sort of articles i bet your service caters too, i'm sure it doesn't work on nonessential articles, not a single one. i was *just* using this almost entirely text-based website how it was intended to be used, you know, by reading? reading that was also just interrupted by your ad? everyone knows you're just making a low-rank webservice in the hopes that a bigger fish will swim by and buy out your startup, do you think some google exec is gonna see this AMA post and take the bait? weirder stuff has happened i guess

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that analogy is pretty off, youtube music released 4 years *after* spotify. unless you're arguing on behalf of youtube video streaming versus spotify audio streaming, which i don't think i need to tell you is like comparing apples and oranges grown in orchards on different sides of the planet.

1) "Recommendations are better", could be true, could be inaccurate, but that's besides the point because algorithms won't ever be as good as following a page that manually curates what articles they post, like directly following the authors or experts of the topic you're interested in
2) "Readups community is better", we both know there is no way to quantify if a community is better than one or another besides directly pointing out toxic or blatantly wrong people, but there are plenty of free *forums* to discuss certain topics or articles, plus there is no way to 100% guarantee good reading comprehension or someone who truly read an article. you're paying for a walled forum
3) "Readup is a built-in paywall bypasser and will one day have publisher partnership" wait, you (or one of the other workers) have been saying that you already are partnering with publishers. how're article authors getting paid if you're not actually partnered with them? what the hell?
4) "People want to help, but don't want to pay" uh... so why are they paying for this again?

yeah i'm not paying for your stuff. your site is modeled for a person who spends every waking moment reading articles non stop and cares highly about discussion of said articles, yet doesn't really have any specific interests in any particular topic. also known as A Person That Does Not Exist

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sure, ignoring the fact that most articles on the internet only gain traction through social media, lets say 7/10 facebook users would love to go out and read more web articles with your service. but 10/10 facebook users also use facebook, which is free and they have used it significantly longer than your webservice. being a webdev, i'm sure you remember when microsoft was *paying* consumers to use their search engine over others, and as we all know, bing became the #1 search engine on planet earth right? and you really expect consumers to pay *you* for a service they're already getting for free with adblock, worst case scenario, some css/html touchups if there's a paywall?

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checked out your posts, holy shit did you really try to advertise your webservice with a pity post on r/Entrepreneur by self diagnosing yourself with ocd and asking people if it was a good thing to be so obsessed with your Incredible Web Service? thats SO scummy its hilarious, you really have NO shame don't you?

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do you realize the irony of your mission statement in regards to disrupting the reading flow of this site with a glorified advertisement for your company or do you just have 0 shame?