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To you, OP, and any other glassblowers:

I practiced (two semesters of classes) glassblowing in high schools. Some sculpture, but mostly blowing and cold work. My university doesn't have glass facilities. - I know renting benches can be expensive. Any tips on finding less expensive places to continue glasswork as a hobby (like, criteria to look for)? - What sort of abilities do maestros (or even just glassblowers looking to employ other people) look for in hiring people? If I'm at the bottom of the pecking order, could I still assist with glass? I'm busy with school, so I'm more interested in part-time work. - Any tips for getting into scientific glassblowing? I've never done it before but it seems like it would complement my Life Science-oriented education well. Thanks!

Edit: apparently my uni has a scientific glassblowing dept that appears to be made up of one person and may be experiencing difficulty due to staff shortage. I think I'll email that one person.

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I'm in Toronto (UofT). I learned in Hawai'i, though. Thanks!