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Don't give up. Took me 18 years, 6 docs, and learning to fight for myself before getting diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis.

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Are you able to work?

Hello, fellow warrior.. A.S. is no joke. I had it for 18 years before diagnosis, as it was considered a man's disease and I am a woman. I got told to lose weight, and that it was fibromyalgia, and sometimes that my pain wasnt real. The irreparable damage to my spine and mental health with 18 years not knowing what was actually wrong is my biggest regret. I I urge everyone to push and advocaye for your own health. If I had done that, it'd have been discovered faster.

I still work full time. I had kids. Life goes on and it hurts whether you sit still in pain or try to do normal activities. Try to keep yourself busy mentally. Video games help me escape my pain sometimes.

Because of random infections,, and now Covid I've written off taking any more immunotherapy drugs.

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This year has been tough for so many of us, I think. The stress on top of pain is unbearable.

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I'm not OP but I have it. The change in weather hurts me more than the temperature in general. Going from cold and dry to humid and warm makes everything hurt. If it stays the same for several days in a row I can function much better.

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I have this. Its a beast of a disease with an absolutely stupid name. Thoughts to you (from my bed!)