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How is the job market changed, due to the influence of the crisis, the last decade or so?

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Can I ask why you and your colleagues think that the situation will change over a year or two? A positive economic dynamic?

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Just wanna say that you kindled my intrest for vacuum cleaners since you did the first AMA. I hate vacuum cleaning (the noise! the hassle!), but thanks to you I'm a little bit wiser, I accept vacuum cleaning and I will not buy an overpriced Dyson. I think I will buy a Miele bagged vacuum.

Can you suggest a great almost noiseless and easily to wield bagged vacuum cleaner?

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Thanks! I will check it out. Thx for the AMA!

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Hi, I started this week with my first lesson glassblowing in a glass studio. The first assignment was making a ball of glass. We used several ovens to melt the glass (and an oven to cool the glass).

It's a bit like magic working this hot melted glass, but overall it's hard work! I like it a lot and am looking forward for the next lesson.

Do you work together with European glassblowers? Or exchange technics with other glassblowers? What is the most difficult piece you made?

Keep on enjoying the glass work!