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Hi MC Chris.

Can you explain why you're apologizing now when you need to promote something new and not before when it would have been more appropriate? Do you not realize how tacky this is?

You really should have done this a long time ago, and not spent your time looking to promote yourself on reddit at the same time.

edit: To be fair, it seems that he did apologize before, but I did not see it. There's something to be said about making mistakes when you're "famous". Word gets around quickly and recovering a reputation can be difficult. I still think an AMA without the self promotion would have been a better idea.

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Uber does not pay a livable wage. Not even minimum wage.

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Missile launcher ownership is completely legal.

As is tank ownership.

Weapons of war are indeed completely legal to own.

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We'd be delighted to have you at a meetup some time.

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What's the most interesting animal that piper has had to chase away?