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This is the most excited I’ve ever gotten about an AMA.

Dude. My mother is seriously your biggest fan. She talks about you like you’re her freakin’ son. One of my earliest (and saddest) memories is when my parents divorced and my mom is laying on the couch watching her VHS tape of all your music videos (this was in the early 90s). “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” comes on and she’s crying. You were her therapist. I know that’s creepy, and I know you probably hear it a lot, but really your music means the world to her. She still suffers from serious depression, but you Michael Bolton, for some fucked up strange reason that I cannot understand… you always make my crazy mother feel better. For this, I like you too. It’s awesome to be able to tell someone how much they mean to you sometimes. That’s all.

Now for my question... When are you gonna cut another metal album?

Edit: Just realized I totally rambled and broke abunch of "rules". But I do seriously want to know how you feel about the "hard rock" genre now, and if you'd ever get back into it.

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Don't think about it. Just make it happen.

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Reddit is being weird. He responded to my question, but it's not showing up in the thread. He is too great a man to let us down.

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First off, I love you guys. Seriously. You've gotten me through some tough times.

Where do you see yourself going musically? Do you think your faith with continue to play such a big role in your lyrics?

Also, so far what has been your most memorable live show? It should be Birmingham. Because Birmingham. We all love you here.