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Well it is a typical tactic of wumao, paid Chinese propaganda agents, whom seek to discredit you as what you are saying is anti-CCP. By engaging them head-on like this, they have succeeded their goal of derailing the conversation and helping this thread not get too much attention and stop you from answering real questions. Note how many of the commenters whom attack you are not engaging you on the topic itself at all, and don't even try to attack the idea (as this would get the attention back to the topic). Additionally, several of them have post histories almost exclusively dedicated to pro-CCP topics.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you engage on online platforms, it's important to understand their tactics. I am sure some of them are also well-meaning people who are accidentally parroting the wumao, but not letting it derail the conversation is important. I am sure you aren't above reproach either, but setting clear boundaries for discussion and not responding to those whom are directly attacking you but simply acknowledging them once and explaining it without going into discussion can help.

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Just want to say I appreciate your candor. In the end its much more about transparency and legislation than just your job. Sure, it's s bit shady, but that's exactly why I appreciate your open answers.

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And from what I hear from companies that actually use those, if its not stored they typically destroy it.