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no, but they swing their arms really high when they walk to look like marionettes sometimes.

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Coin check?

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Two of my cousins that i grew up next door to have PKU. I’m always surprised how so few people know about it considering it’s literally the first test they run on all newborns.

How have you coped with the “Milk” formula you use? I know that there are often weight gain side effects and some people develop eating disorders because of it.

My cousin has struggled with that. Though now he’s a sous chef at a nice Italian restaurant at 27yrs old.

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I did a quick search to find a real answer. It appears it was a Bethlehem in Galilee.

The common Bethlehem in Judea appears to not have been a city yet during that time.

Here is the link. Seems credible. http://archive.archaeology.org/0511/abstracts/jesus.html

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It's only fair to respond in kind...sort of.

As an aside, here is a neat one that I have for a popup speak-easy that occasionally happens in Phoenix.