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polymerize and flocculate the effluent

poop squishing

Synonyms are amazing.

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I've read before that you have the entire plot laid out, for years in advance. Do you also have the whole backstory laid out? Or do you fill in those details as you need them?

For instance there's the Maze Of Many. Someone clearly created it as a dungeon crawl on purpose, but the entrance is a random magical field in a demigod's discarded weapon. Did you think up a logical and dramatic reason for those things to be connected, or did you just feel like drawing a giant sword that day?

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Do you ever eat plants? Here's a shocker: they put poop on those, too. Lots of it.

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The wording says that anyone presenting must receive a medical screening exam from a qualified medical provider. The exam must be reasonable and sufficient to determine whether an emergency condition exists. If an emergency is found, the patient must receive at least stabilizing treatment, including inpatient admission if necessary.

What this means in practice is that no patient can be refused care. It doesn't matter what the complaint is. If they present to the ED, they will be seen and evaluated, and will receive all medically appropriate emergency treatment.

Note that if we assess the patient and determine that no emergency care is needed, that's not the same as refusing care. Declining to fulfill a request is also not refusing care. Such patients do receive medically appropriate care-- and sometimes the appropriate thing is to do nothing.

The relevant law here is EMTALA. As a med student, you should brush up on it.

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I don't agree with your definition of "appropriate care".

It's not really my definition. I don't write the law, or hospital policy.