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That statistic includes people on their 4th, 5th, 6th marriages. Some people marry and divorce like its a hobby. Others don't.

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Is there a reason you pay your research subjects an average of $4.49 an hour? Would you work for that amount of money? Do you believe that paying people below minimum wage to answer personality questions online produces usable data?

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I'm not questioning it's accuracy, just had no idea that was something that could be easily known.

It's from here: https://turkerview.com/requesters/A3VPD9AS82KSIZ-jeff-galak

A resource that a turker put together to allow other turkers to discuss who to avoid. Because everyone's time is valuable, even people who are doing it "for fun."

I pay what people are willing to complete surveys/studies for.

Yes, people like this, this and this, who are doing it because it is their ONLY choice. These people aren't professionals at all, they're desperate. That's why they're willing to work for your spare change. Not for fun or some noble goal of advancing science, but because they will be literally homeless if they don't.

Unlike regular employment where there is a legal and societal contract between employer and employee to provide some kind of fair living wage (and yes, min wage should be much higher), when someone decides to willingly complete one of my studies for the compensation that I make known in advance, I don't have any issue with paying less than minimum wage

There is also a contract between researcher and researchee. Your university, like many/all in the United States, has an Institutional Review Board for the ethical design of research trials. I have no doubt they approved your studies, so I'm not saying you're doing something technically illegal, but I am categorically challenging your idea that there's no contract between you and the people you're studying.

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good night and thanks for the level-headed discussion :) but I do hope you think about what I said. Not every person who wants to earn a livable wage is a professional.

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I think Reddit can have a very misogynistic tone, but not because of the jokes. What bothers me the most is the constant abuse hurled at women who dare appear in images they post on Reddit. They're derided as attention whores for doing what men can do whenever they want. And woe on the woman who doesn't appear conventionally attractive. Reddit thinks of itself as an edgy place, but it falls into tropes as old as time immemorial.