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I took a course from John Hopkins at Downing College. I was told you took some inspiration from him. Any stories you care to share about your time at Downing College and learning from John Hopkins?

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Where I work, my coworkers' kids all get free glasses from the school!

But a friend is a teacher and she said their (different) elementary school is not even letting the kids outside for it! How ridiculous is that?

EDIT: Atlanta area so we're almost prime location too

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Ridiculous, if it was my kids (if I had kids) I would hold them out of school that day

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Hey Hunter, love watching you play! Who are the most fun players on the tour? I imagine Dufner would be a hell of a guy with whom to have a beer.

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as a baby lawyer (graduated 2015) please don't lump all of us in with incompetent ambulance chasers.

there are some fantastic young attorneys in the world who have great abilities under the right supervision