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I had Lasik done in 2006. I remember crunching noises when they pried my eyes open. To this day I have to use eyedrops daily because of dry eyes, specially when I first wake up (where they are burning). I never had this issue before. Also this was a eye flap procedure I dont know if all Lasik is like this or not.

The place I had this done at told me for a year it would go away, up until they wernt responsible anymore and then said theres nothing they can do about it. The last eye doctor I went to said "you probably always had dry eyes"....

I tried restasis or w/e and they works but only if I used it daily, which kinda makes it pointless.

Anyway - what happened? Is there anything I can do, ever?

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Makes sense. Those that learn hand stands as children generally do it to be the center of attention - therefore they are less likely to by shy/passive.

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I got lasek surgery when I was 21, and had an issue with dry eyes since then. The place I got it done from kept saying "it'll get better with time" until they were no longer obligated under the contract to do anything about it. Ive seen two eye doctors since then who have done tear tests and have said "its normal you probably always had dry eyes" to which I replied... no... no I didnt, I never had to use eye drops 3 times a day before a giant laser was shined into them.

Any advice? Waking up with burning eyes every morning for 10 years can make you cranky.

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In mine it was shampoo/food. Yeah... shampoo. You get generic stuff that comes in a gallon jug. "Special" kids (kids who get there parents to complain to much) could get conditioner or whatever there parents brought in. Those kids would then get a handful, go into the shower and leave half of it on the sink for the next person.

They thought they were crafting but I didnt give a shit =)

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Used to work at a juv rehab center. Its hard to tell. A lot of these kids are master manipulators. They can seem like the best kids in the worlds for months until they snap (or they never do but you know they are in for raping a 10 year old or setting fire to there brother).