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Great question!! Took me 11 years to pay off my student loans.

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Good question..... A large supermarket brand had a General Manager who testified he told my client a joke where the punch line was "Dick in your mouth." The case was about sexual harassment. The part I will always remember is I asked him why did he say this joke. His response "My teenage daughter told me that joke." I was in shock. That was 10 years ago.

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Depends on the state you're in. In California, they're not enforceable at all. In Oregon, they might be enforceable, as long as the term is not longer than 12 months.

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If it's too much to stomach, look for other employment. Bringing up the unethical behavior is not a protected activity.

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Unfortunately, from a civil standpoint, if the words used don't touch upon a protected class (e.g., race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation), then there is no liability for what sounds like a very terrible boss.