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My first thought on seeing this is that in my state the police use "exceptionally cleared" for nearly every delayed disclosure sex case. In my state, that category gets used when the police forward the case to the district attorneys office and the DA makes the decision whether to move forward with charges. It has absolutely no bearing on whether the case is going to move forward in the criminal justice system, it just means a lawyer is going to make the call instead of a cop.

Based on OP's statements, it sounds like that's not how the term is used in Florida and that's not what's going on there. So asking how other states compare in terms of how frequently "exceptionally cleared" gets used is a bad comparison because even though the same terminology is being used, it can mean entirely different things in other states.

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Right? It's the weirdest thing to complain about, but I don't have time to listen to all my normal podcasts anymore; my commute is too fast.