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next. level. bonkers.

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Get Pete Holmes and TJ Miller on CBB!

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What's up Neal, huge fan of the Champs and your late night sets.

I've lived my entire life in an area that's 90% Hispanic. I haven't had many relationships with people outside of my race, particularly black people.

Is there anything short of moving and making new friends I can do to to sort of de-fetishize them in my head? I've read Ralph Ellison and listen to the podcast regularly, but that's about as close as I get.

It's embarrassing to admit but it's the truth.

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I've really started to love your work over the last year!

It was such a delight when you quoted Danny Brown lyrics about stank pussy and upset Janeane Garofalo.

Makes me wonder, what rap you been listening to lately?

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How many of you are drinking right now / how many substances are present in this AMA? Shout out from the 12 and 1/2!!!