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Hey Brad! I am chair of ATL Spurs: The official Tottenham Supporters Club in Atlanta. We already have over 100 Spurs fans coming out to watch parties and events. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, please, please, please let us know!

I was at the game against Aston Villa where Hugo started and your record streak ended. How long before the game did you know that would be the end of the streak and what were your feelings? How you handled the situation spoke volumes about your character and professionalism.

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Sorry for your loss. Damn :'(

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Do you think data analytics can be used to monitor games and red flag possible match-fixing?

How do you think this can be eliminated? Since most of the "match-fixing" is focused on prop bets on specific events and not match outcomes, it seems like it is difficult to track and/or eliminate.

Do we start doing random lie detector tests, just like drug tests? The validity of both types of testing is suspect, but might be enough of a threat to deter cheating.

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Do you have any fears that their may be threats or people out there that want to cause harm to you or the other writers/editors? Are any precautions being taken to protect yourself and others?

I mean, you are digging up some pretty bad stuff that involves BILLIONS of dollars. They can't be too happy.

Good work to everyone involved and I hope nothing bad comes out of it.