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Sure! Please follow the steps below;

1) Download and install the Tor browser bundle - https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

2) Download and install the Bitcoin client - http://bitcoin.org/en/download.

3) You'll need to obtain some Bitcoins. The most popular exchange is MtGox (www.mtgox.com). They offer a few ways in which you can convert your local currency to Bitcoins.

4) Using the Tor browser, visit Atlantis (URL can be found at /r/Atlantis)

5) Create an account

6) Click on the deposit BTC link under account settings and transfer your Bitcoins to that address. You'll need to wait for 1-2 hours before the transfer propagates across the network.

7) You can then shop for any items you would like whilst being confident on security and privacy.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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They probably are. We aren't worried.

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Our vendors can.

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The ones from Atlantis are prettier.

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The road has more users, but our service is better (to put it bluntly). Here's a paste from a question below regarding just a few of our improvement points:

There's a few benefits:

We've had no downtime.

Our site is much more responsive.

We have cheaper commission rates allowing sellers to make more profit on their sales and buyers to buy them for cheaper.

We have automated PGP encryption of messages for the members who refuse to send their messages using PGP. We have an advancement fan management system, allowing sellers to reach out to all of their customers.

We have a more 'modern' user interface.

We have buyer feedback (none of the other marketplaces have this functionality).

We have an anonymous feedback system that allows you to determine is feedback is fake, but at the same time does not reveal anything about your buying patterns.

We support Litecoin as well as Bitcoin (the first market to support multiple currencies).

We listen to our user feedback, we have a rapid development cycle and new features are constantly being improved upon and added.