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Amanda! I've been a huge fan since my college radio station received Yes, Virginia. I played the shit out of it on my radio shows. Your blog about your friend becca brought me to tears. She was my favorite part of your oasis video. She reminded me a bit like myself in regards to wanting to share new music with friends. I have a couple friends who I make mixes for of my favorite new music. When I heard of her passing and how she shared music with you, I thought maybe, just maybe, I could help fill the large void she left by sharing music with you. I started making mixes and uploading them to my website. If you'd like the link, just pm me. You don't even understand how excited it would be if I could do this for you since your music has done so much for me in the past. Also, did they ever find out how she died? I'm sorry if that sounds nosy, I know it's none of my business and you don't have to answer. I'm just curious because I get so freaked out when someone my age dies suddenly. I'm very truly sorry for your loss.

Ok since this is an AMA here's a few q's.

What's been your musical "I can die happy" moment?

I love hearing songs I know in tv commercials, shows, or movies. Is there any product or show/movie you'd happily contribute a song to? Would you write a song for the sole purpose of putting it in a movie if the right person would ask?

What's your relationship with Neil's kids? I'm not sure but I assume you're pretty close in age with his oldest?

Would you ever consider doing house parties again when you release your next album? At the time I was helping to raise money for a pittsburgh party. I just bought a house (which you can always crash at if you're in the area!) and would try really hard to get the funds and bring you here. They look like so much fun.

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That's cool! I signed up after reading about it through the Dear Jack Foundation. One of my favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon (Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate), was diagnosed with leukemia and was saved with a stem cell transplant from his sister. His sister actually got sick from the drug they gave her leading up to the procedure. Did you have any side effects?

Did they tell you what the person was suffering from? Bone marrow is most often used for bone cancers (leukemia) but I think that it can help manage/cure some auto-immune disorders.

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Hi Andrew! HUGE fan! I've seen you 10 times and have met you all 3 times I've hung around after a show. One of those times I asked you for a hug because I had just received bad news that morning and you gave me a big hug - thank you for that, it really helped me out. You're the man. I have a few questions, I hope you'll answer even just one.

  1. What will be the biggest difference longtime/hardcore fans will notice between your new solo stuff compared to Jack's and SoCo?

  2. The first couple shows I went to as a kid, security would confiscate any cameras that they found. Now with cell phones and digital cameras, that's almost impossible. As an amateur photography hobbyist, I love taking my good camera to shows and getting awesome pictures of bands I love. But what's it like being on stage, looking out to see so many phones and cameras pointing at you?

  3. How do you choose to go on tour with?

  4. Do you prepare differently for shows where you're the opener as compared to the headliner? I'm going to see you this summer opening for OAR (finally, you're coming back to Pittsburgh!) What's the best thing about being an opening act? Hardest?

  5. Why is it uncool to wear a band's shirt to their show? (I don't care, I still do it.)

  6. What has been your proudest achievement with your Dear Jack organization?

  7. Do Kelly and Doris go on tour with you? If not, how do you handle being away from them for so long?

THANK YOU for doing this AMA!! I pre-ordered your new EP and am in love with Synesthesia. Also, I hope you don't mind that I named my photography site Swim For Your Life, that song has helped me through a lot. If it's any comfort, I'm really the only one who visits it.