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How old are you? Are you working three on and one off, or what?

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I was sent to Afghanistan, and my overwhelming impressions were that there were a ton of people over there doing very little, then a few that were extremely busy, and an unbelievable mass of material wealth being spent on very little result.

Was Vietnam like that?

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Given the high amount of regulations, is there a way to do small craft distillation under an existing distillery's license? I would like to start a distilling club, but the taxes and bonded warehousing and so on are too much to handle, frankly.

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Not a brewery, a distillery. There are a couple of new distilleries where I live. Now that I think about it, though, if I remember right you have to pay the tax on what you produce up front and keep it in the bonded warehouse, which I guess is an expense few craft distillers would want to soak up.

Thanks for the answer, I didn't know distilling my homebrew would mess up my still. How would you clean that up?

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Looks like I'm too late, but I'd like to know what it was like when he started seeing American prisoners arrive, if he did.