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How did you hook up a DDR pad to your PC to use this simulator?

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Hello! I am a huge fan all the teams work! I am super exited to be a backer!

What are your favorite JRPGS / Anime?

Have you ever worked with Hideaki Anno? If so, do you have any cool or funny stories?

Bonus question: Do you think there will ever be a time when Foreign voice actors will show up in Japanese anime? (i.e. playing a foreign transfer student in a slice of life anime)

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I'm 21, and I weigh 185lbs roughly, I used to weigh 130 when I was 17. Im 6ft, and skinny, but ive developed a lot of stomach fat ( fat belling) and muffin tops on my sides. You think this kind of thing will actually work for loosing weight? I already walk / bike everywhere I go which hasnt helped much. As far as Soda goes .. I spent 2 months on a low calories diet (keeping below 2000) and drinking 0 soda (except maybe once or twice a week id have a sugared drink when I stopped at a gas station) it didnt seem to help.

How often a day did you play DDR? And about how many months did it take you to lose say 20lbs?

My current weight again is 185, my goal is 140-150. I need to fit into my cloths again ... D: sad but true.

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The sad thing is, my day job, is working at a gym / fitness center, but when Im at work ... even though i have the time to work out while at work .. I just dont like traditional gym workouts .. so i will have to give this a go. As far as Cutting out Soda's .. that part will be hard, partly because I love them, and partly because, well. Im single, living alone and its the easiest thing for me to pick up and bring home lol. I'm a complete noob with DDR, but im good with games, in general so I dont see it being an issue to move up to a higher difficulty

edit: also, what version of DDR did you have? Do you know if the ps2 DDR games will work on a ps3 (that has backwards compat)

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Yes thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post.

I guess I just felt like adding, because, it seems somewhat relevant to talking with you, I guess my dream with science would be helping man kind establish and sustain life in space (i.e. base on the moon, colony space stations) as a permanent solution for life besides just the earth. I know that based on what you've said finding a prof who takes me in as an assistant is the crucial part, and getting to a point where I could study something related to my "dream" might be much harder than I think.

Is it worth persuing a dream like that, or is it better left set on the back burners and focus my work and effort else where?