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As someone who aspires to space travel, I have to say first and foremost that I am insanely jealous of your experience. The SR-71 is my favorite aircraft, and comes pretty close to the top of my favorite spacecraft list too!

I have to ask: has there been anything non-SR-71-related in your life that has been comparable to the intensity, excitement, or overall experience of flying the Blackbird?

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Do you work for the show full-time, build legos full-time, or somewhere in-between?

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Very cool. Great build too, by the way.

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How often do you implement new guidance/navigation algorithms? I imagine that testing them in simulation is more common than onboard the flight hardware, but I'm interested in how frequently you improve the GN&C systems, especially since BO has been launching/landing more frequently.

Also, does the vehicle do all of the GN&C onboard, or are parts offloaded to ground systems?

Finally, how much of the GN&C software would you consider to be "intelligent"? Does it all rely on the models you develop for flight conditions, or do you build in the ability to sense evolving conditions and adapt to possibly unknown scenarios?


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Thanks for the reply! I eagerly anticipate many successful future flights!