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assisttheregional18 karma

There's been a lot of talk blaming video games for alt-right radicalization... but I'd like to pose an alternate hypothesis and get your opinion on it. What if video games themselves aren't doing anything, but what if the associated communication channels are? Things like discord, teamspeak, any VoIP, chats, YouTube, twitch... any media platform that could be used to host alt-right messaging, and target disaffected or struggling folks. It doesn't have to work on everyone, or even a majority. I've also noticed a change in gaming culture, it seems like it used to be like sports, kind of taboo to get overly political. But somehow somewhere between a decade ago and now, it seems that taboo is totally gone. Aliases, match names, VoIP filled with the stuff. What would you think of this concept, not the games, but at times some of the comms and media around them?