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In your experience, what seems to be the exact causal mechanism of more abuse from the pandemic? Is it simply that spending more time around an abusive person is worse? Is the psychological stress of the pandemic/economic downturn/general 2020 nonsense causing abusers to lash out more? Is it because abuse victims are "socially distanced" away from witnesses or people to protect and support them? Some other reason?

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I was victimized earlier this year.

I hope you're safe and recovered now. Are you okay?

I don’t know what the data says but anecdotally people seem to have been drinking more.

Interesting observation. Do you think it might be related to people getting laid off/furloughed/fired/etc from jobs? I'd imagine that not having to stay sober (or at least watch one's intake) for work would mean a greater risk of drinking habits getting out of control.

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What is the hardest thing about this kind of research?

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Is it possible bacteria can get resistant to non-antibiotic means of killing them? Could there ever be "soap-resistant bacteria" or "cooking-resistant bacteria"?