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Pfft, it's been next month for over 10 hours.

Source: Australian.

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Gets better:

I heard that they were selling a midget, so I went down there and took the guy up on the offer. He wanter $400 for it, so I put $20 down. I went home and asked my mom for the rest of the money. ... So she gave me the money because she didn't want me driving my motorcycle anymore.

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Back in my day (90's/00's) in order to get a full STD spectrum they had to take a deep urethra sample, which meant sticking a metal q-tip all the way up your donger, twisting it, then ripping it out quickly and putting it in something sterile or whatever. Super pleasant.

Nowadays you just get a blood draw and piss in a cup. Pussies.

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You eat a lot of baked beans?

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