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Akimotoh. Glad to see you are here to help...NOT. Typical do nothing arm chair quarterback....

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Are you working with any other groups of veterans or civilians in your efforts?

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Great and glad to hear!

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What do you need the most from those of us at home?

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Thanks John. Hopefully we can recognize that this effort is not just throwing more money at Afghanistan, but an effort to make good on the word the the US and the rest of the world made to these people that helped everyone in the free world try to stop terrorism. Regardless of anyone's feeling about any government, YOU and others are there helping real people with real families and real lives that are in danger. My question for all of those on this feed is: Are you just a complainer or looking for someone to blame, or are you wanting to step up and help in this humanitarian effort? I would expect to see your GoFundMe explode with donations from honest people that want to help other human beings.