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Do you find any conflict in the shelter with housing male and females? I spent some time in one myself and other than minor children, males were not allowed. I can think of a number of people that would have been traumatizing for. Also, I would think problems could arise with developing unhealthy relationships when people are in such a vulnerable situation. I now do a lot of volunteer work with dv shelters and I've not encountered any coed ones so I'm curious how yours handle that.

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Thank you for your response. I do agree that there need to be more options available for men. I just haven't personally had experience with a coed dv shelter so I was curious. Unfortunately drug abuse was also a prevalent issue in both the shelter I utilized and the ones I now volunteer in. Fortunately the programs have been getting more attention, thus funding. I applaud your efforts to get conversations started. It saddens me that in our society this is still very much a taboo subject.