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How cheap do you think it would have to be? My company develops and builds drones. We've thought about whether nanodrones could pollinate. I think it is feasible. They would still not be as small as bee's, so you would not be able to have as many. I think a "swarm" of a few hundred could cost on the order of $10k-30k (USD). Maybe less once we build a LOT of them. They would likely be able to fly for 15-20mins, pollinating maybe 10-30 flowers/minute (depending on the plant type). They would probably then have to charge for 30 minutes, and could likely only pollinate during daylight. Do you think that might be economically feasible? My quick internet research showed that using bees to do the same job is likely quite a bit cheaper, although the nanodrone pollinators could be used many times with just new batteries every few weeks of use.

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When you walk around the woods, do you pick mushrooms to eat because you can ID all the toxic ones? Or does the whole concept of eating mushrooms seem too dangerous to you?