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Your turn in Hannibal was a marvel of understatement. The threat of unspeakable violence looming under the surface was fantastic. But it also felt like a really giving performance on your part. The interaction between you and Hugh and Mads was fantastic.

Which leads me to two questions:

1.) Keep it real. How much of that was you and how much was your direction?

2.) Are we going to get to see you in more intense dramatic roles?

Also, if a person is their work, you are a damned champion of the human race and I love you for it. Thank you.

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Wonderful to hear. Thank you again.

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Does Al Jazeera's laypeople-viewership see, or care, that the United States' influence in Libya is so fundamentally different from Iraq because we have a different President? And that each President changes, dramatically, how our military does or doesn't act in their backyards?

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"The Courage of Others" felt like a genuine expression of a naturalistic, sage-like, almost magical character in music that I don't think has been heard from since Led Zeppelin 4. The music is admittedly beautiful - almost perfect for what the album is - but the lyrics have an agenda that grabs me and makes me feel like that there are worlds beneath this one, and that life is an adventure that can't be had at home. 1. Thank you for that. 2. Where does the character of that album come from? I've been talking about it for years, and I'd like to finally know for certain, where did that album's point of view come from? What was the intention of it? Did it feel like the culmination of a vision when you finished it?

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What if I rephrased the question as "How damaging to our current economy do you think it would be if everyone woke up tomorrow with a good understanding of the theories of macroeconomics?" I intentionally biased this question because it's always assumed that more knowledge is a good thing, but I can't help but believe that the stability of our economy relies heavily on the fact that most people just don't know what's going on, let alone what might happen in the future as a consequence of X (where X=a state failing, Fukushima, war, plague of locusts, etc...)