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How dangerous is your job ranging from completely safe, to I could die any minute

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How do you mannage to get the amazing shot in your videos/photos that everyone just simply is speechless and says just one word, WOW! I am an amature photographer and am starting to get great sports photos. But I was wondering what makes NatGeo photos so amazing

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Do you have a flickr/smugmug?

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How did you make the transition from High School/College journalist to a PBS newshour corospondant?

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I've always dreamed of making games and YouTube videos for a living, all the fun careers, but I've just struggled to getting everything up and started, I don't have the funds for an apple developer account to start making apps, and I don't have the money for a Mac to make them on. I've tried virtual machines, and sdks for windows, but nothing has gotten me past the barebones basic progress.

Do you know of any grants, free licenses/hosting that I can get a game hosted on? I don't believe I have the cool factor like you had to get kickstarter money nor do I want to try to be honest

What gets you from learning and recreational to this is what I'm choosing to do with my living