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Because of course if we had less government, landlords would suddenly be cool with charging less lol

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How annoying is the application for renewal of a permanent residency? And how long does the process typically take? My 5 years is up at the end of this year and I've been putting off starting the process

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  1. They never celebrated the death of individuals.

  2. Underfunded? You're joking right. You have the most overfunded military ever

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He said the organizations, not the people. You've twisted things to suit your point of view multiple times in this AMA. The fact is, the US is safer now than it was in "your day" and nobody is attacking your country, you need to settle down with the attitude of bringing back the "good old days". They weren't good

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And that is how they are, and should be, treated by the justice system. But if an assailant is never exposed, or women are never believed, then those assailants never face the justice system in the first place