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I'm surprised they even allow Risk! If there is one board game that is universally known for causing fist fights and destroying friendships, it is Risk.

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Technically, the rock formations are called concretions, and appear in different shapes and forms all over the world. The kettles on Lake Huron are the "cannonball" type of concretion, and similar instances may be found all over the world (not just in Ontario and New Zealand), with famous instances along Cannonball River in North Dakota, and at Rock City in Kansas.

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There is an unusually high incidence of stomach cancer in Japanese people due to the high intake of pickled vegetables. It is less likely that her cancer was connected to radiation.

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You know, Mr. Zimmern, porcupine is pretty available in the US. New World Porcupineisnt the same as Old World Porcupine, but if it tastes anything like beaver, it is likely delicious. It would be very possible to get the meat, should you feel so inclined to attempt recreation of your BBQ experience.

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You must not have seen him in Todd and the book of pure evil. There is quite a memorable musical number...