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See you're taking economy dude, that's just one aspect

Pakistan and China encroach even when Kashmir is a part of India

What's going to stop them from just...taking Kashmir? China did that with Tibet in the past, and Kashmir is vital for the belt and road initiative.

China puts Muslims in re-education camps. Pakistan has its own world of problems.

I get the issues, but I just don't understand how Kashmiris survive without India. I know India has done a shoddy job, but isn't India their best bet too?

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Wow that was an insane read there's so much you can infer from it

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But then...won't the water go in? Sorry if this is a stupid question lul

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But do the reconstruction or conditions affect your experience of sex? Are you able to masturbate without any issues, for example? (You don't need to answer that, I'm just curious)

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That's interesting. Have you ever thought about stuff like saving your eggs before transitioning do that you can have 'your own' offspring at some point in the future?