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Do you have a dog of your own? Have you ran tests or studies on your own dog? What's your favorite breed of dog and why?

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You call the hospital and tell them to reverse all charges on your husband's account and resubmit them under your account to your insurance. There may be more details that you didn't include that would alter this process, but it should work. (I'm a medical coder) . And normally the hospital's systems catch gender specific codes assigned to the wrong gender patient before they get sent to insurance, so this is a huge screw up on the hospital's part. It's probably not your insurance's fault.

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You can try this website http://www.hospitalcostcompare.com/

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I had my dog tested in 2015 or 2016, but she is now deceased. Would it be possible to take another look at her DNA on file for a more updated result? If so, how do I go about requesting that?