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We’ll See You Tomorrow was the first campaign that I followed TWLOHA during. 2014-2015 was the worst time for my mental health when suicidal thoughts were the strongest. I’m remembering now how just seeing and hearing those words encouraged me to stay for the next day, and another day after that, like some group larger than I could fathom cared that I was around tomorrow.

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Hi Jamie, thank you for doing an AMA, I appreicate all of the work that you and the whole TWLOHA team are doing and I love being a part of this community.

How do I foster a community of openness and vulnerability among people who have struggled with depression and suicidal ideation on my college campus? I’m kicking off my attempt at this tomorrow for WSPD by putting up a display of all the promo material from the campaign package in addition to a poster of important crisis contact info, but I’m not sure what my next step is. My purpose of putting it all on display (anonymously) in a public part of campus is to let others struggling know that they are not alone and someone cares, but I don’t want to stop there. I would love to get a community of people together to talk about mental health and suicide prevention, not necessarily a club, but it’s hard to do so because people often don’t come forward about their experiences with these stigmatized topics. Advice from anyone is appreciated!

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I appreciate your word of caution, I will go with including helpiles and a link to the TWLOHA find help tool.

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Wow that is such a lovely idea, thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to highly consider reviving the chapter and that would be such a meaningful event.

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I know that last year my school had a university chapter, I went to the first meeting but it looked like the leadership was overwhelmed and burnt out, so I don’t think it’s still active. I’ll try to find out what’s going on and likely be in touch about what I can do to revive it, I think it’s an important space to have here.