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Since you live in the US, do you spend a lot of time in Iran? For extended periods of time? You you fear that Iranians would see you as an outsider / american puppet?

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That the beam goes off course and hits the magnets, damaging the equipment. This actually happend the first time they switched it on (I'm wrong, that was a different problem, see comments below). A huge pain in the ass that takes months to fix. They can't just replace a piece, because the whole ring is kept extremely cold, so they need to warm it up first, and later cool it down again, which takes months.

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Sounds great. Of course, the state media will paint a totally different picture, but it sounds like you have some strong evidence for still beeing rooted in your country.

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This is actually a bad idea. I think they have the right idea about what to do if you want to build markers, but the necessary scale of things becomes itself a problem. They think about all the ways to get people to understand that they shouldn't disturb the place, but ultimately, if the message isn't understood, all you're doing is draw attention to it. Finnland is doing the only reasonable thing with their longterm nuclear waste disposal: They bury it deep into granit at a really boring place, get rid of any sign of human activity, and that's it. If people in 10'000 years accidentally stumble on it, the bunker itself will still have lot's of warnings, and if it's understood, good, but if they don't, well, what more can you do? But leaving any kind of makers behind is basically a guarantee that all kinds of people will want to find out what that is all about. And the only ones with ability to dig into granit and accidentally find it are also very likely to be capable of understanding what the site is about, and will treat it as a archeological find and put the pieces together in no time.

TL;DR: The best marker for nuclear waste is no marker at all.

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Answer in the first 2 minutes (but he discusses the subject during the whole video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jOMDeMI9iw

Basically, his point is that there are many closet atheists, and getting people to talk about atheism, even if trashing it, will get those atheists to talk about atheism. The "Atheists bad" messages is spread anyway, might as well give them some fudder to get the discussion going. Someone who really belives atheists are bad people won't change their opinion (I don't mean convert them) from something they see on tv anyway, but maybe a friend who comes out as an atheist will get them to rethink their position.