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What kind of illnesses were more common in the hospitals? How much medical knowledge did the students have? Was it on par with, say, American standards?

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What are your work hours and staffing levels like? Is the job physically/ emotionally taxing for you?

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Do you prefer day or night shifts? What's a typical one look like for you?

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2.) Usually the crazy comes in the form of mental illness, unfortunately. I've had a fair share of offenders with severe mental illness

What are the provisions for mentally ill criminals where you work? Do they receive adequate psychiatric support etc?

4.) I'm now on about a 50% specialized caseload of sex offenders.

Did you choose your specialty (and why, if so?) What's your take on pedophiles vs. actual pedophilic acts- are they being treated or dealt with appropriately? (e.g. this article)

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Long shot if you're still around but why is lengthy jail time a red flag?