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I'd just like to point out solitary confinement and sensory deprivation rooms are two very different things. One is simply the absence of social stimuli, whereas the other is the absence of any sensory stimuli. Even if the room had no windows, it would not count as a sensory deprivation room as it is very unlikely it would be sound-proofed.

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What then happened when something disappeared? Did you check it off on the list to say you 'received' it anyway or did you say something was missing?

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I'd be interested in all the dirty and shady goings-on at the 'university' that you can get away with spilling without risking your job.

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If you're interested they actually did do an episode about an alcohol smuggler who got caught in Saudi Arabia called Saudi Bootlegger.

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Did you get a change to go out into the steppes and stay in a ger while you were in Mongolia? That was by far my favourite part of Mongolia, the immensity of empty space is stunning.