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Here come the tears. Absolute shit. Our maximum speed for households is 4 mb/s , my house has 1 mb/s. If you can't imagine what that's like, I can't watch youtube quality higher than 360p without buffering and if I wanna download a 1 gb movie it takes me like 4-5 hours. Just bomb me already.

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Here is my neighbourhood right this second. You made me go outside... https://imgur.com/28VK2DX

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Asking the real questions. The fucked up thing is, zero. We have zero McDonald's. Please donate a big mac I'm fucking starving.

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All these things are possible. I'm living a teenager life like heaven. Work is availabe also the wages cannot suport even a single person so most people take two jobs. We do all normal human things and more though! Just the differences is we sometimes can't go to certain areas because of bombs and whatnot. We also have our car searched every 20 minutes, sometimes military people like to fuck with us for fun and things on this level mostly. I answered why I didn't leave in another reply. Thank you! And sorry for all the refugees in Germany (the asshole ones) hahaha.

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It's still all there! Although ركن الدين is known for 12 year olds with knives.