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AJE's coverage of the 2012 elections was way better than any of our domestic news sources.

You guys talk about both candidates like they've both made mistakes and have short comings. Most of the news sources here talk about either candidate as the coming messiah that will save us from "the other guy."

EDIT: Also props for covering stories that our news stations don't touch. I have a pal from Mali and I love that your site gives me some perspective as to what is happening there. Thanks for keeping me informed.

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Perhaps go back to school if you haven't been to college yet. I know dozens of people taking advantage of the GI Bill. My oldest friend taking advantage of that has got to be in his forties.

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Intellectual property has gotten out of control. Copyright lasts way too long. Trivial software patents have gotten way out of control and need to be reworked. America needs small-medium business. When senators and congressmen work with the lobbies of large companies they ruin opportunities for small business start ups.

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Every time I've waived this fee I've simply told them not to ship one in the first place. You need to call in and tell them the modem's MAC address when your service is activated.

I've never had the problem of them charging me despite owning my own modem.

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During highschool we were taught that you had done the country a massive right and that you were just in releasing the Pentagon papers.

Although I was in a fairly liberal state I would assume that most text books and schools give a similar point of view to high schoolers. How is it that most people semm look at Snowden and Manning as traitors rather than patriots? Is it simply that our domestic news sources are of poor quality and have an agenda?