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At our theater when we saw WW, the ushers waited, and we asked if there was an end credit scene.

They told us there wasn't- but they weren't allowed to just 'tell' people unprompted.

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I wanted to ask the same, I thought that the sounds of water at the least, and maybe sounds from the marina would be hard to stop from getting into the boat. Does OP have a sound booth in a boat?

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I have a gripe about Create new->Document. If you use this very simple front and center button, it creates an untagged document you have to place correctly later. I used docs for quite awhile before realizing I could right click on a tag and create from there.

Could something be added to the basic Create New to help streamline tagging properly, or possibly to the header of the document once it is created? I used to cuss about moving docs out of the root every time I made one.

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