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Hi Obsidian.

1) What are the odds we'll see another game from the 3rd person perspective like Kotor 2 (still one of my favorite RPGs) in the future? I think Dragon Age: Origins could be an inspiration in how they made a 3rd person game that helped with immersion, yet still had a way to zoom out into a top down perspective for tactical combat options, giving the best of both worlds.

2) Have you followed the resoration efforts for kotor 2, and if so, how closely does it match your original vision for the game?

3) What led to the decision to break with Paradox for this game, since they published the last one?

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Congrats on your new IP. Really looking forward to the game.

I'm wondering if we're going to see a fully voice acted first or third person RPG from you in the future, like Dragon Age: Origins, like you did in Alpha Protocol or Kotor 2.

I'd also like to commend you for your Day 1 Linux support. It means people like me have a chance to play. Was this Paradox's idea or yours, or both?

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Hi Tim,

Thank you for running for congress. My question is: what are your ideas to fix gerrymandering, and are you open to the idea of letting congressional districts be drawn according to mathematical formulas based on fair criteria, like district compactness?

Good luck in becoming a congressman.

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Awesome. Thanks Governor Polis. Best of luck to you. The public is counting on you and your administration.

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How will the government best go about ensuring compliance with new public health tactics (social distancing, wearing masks, etc)?