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archimedeancrystal45 karma

Thanks for your hard work on Chromium Edge /Edge Dev. I've been using it as my default browser for several months and like it a lot. I also think it's very smart to focus on making the new Edge stable and feature-rich before release this time.


  1. What is Microsoft's position/strategy for dealing with cases where Google modifications break Google product functionality (YouTube, etc.) in other Chromium-based browsers like Edge Dev?
  2. When "Set these tabs aside" is migrated to Edge Dev, do you plan to allow for setting aside individual tabs (not just all or none) and searching set aside tabs?
  3. Any ETA yet for production release?

Update: I've been away from the computer all afternoon and missed the live action. Thank you Edge Dev team for taking time from your busy schedules to interact with us. Last but not least, something I've dreamed of being able to say for more than 6 years as a reddit user: Thanks kind stranger for the gold!

archimedeancrystal36 karma

Underrated comment. I hope u/_Hieon reads it. Helping others—even in small ways, as you noted—brings confidence, meaning, purpose and a joy beyond all reason.