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I really hope Norm saw this and got a chuckle out of what was a bit of a sad topic

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Chattin with people on reddit

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I struggle with this too. I know I need therapy I've been in therapy most of my life for multiple reasons. The last doctor I was seeing suggested I start psychotherapy when our sessions were over so I went to my familly docotor she set me up with a coordinator who asked "what are you looking for a psychotherapist for?"

I was just like "uuuuhhh"

Eventually I just said, I just need help managing my anxiety. But it's so much deeper than that and I can come up with every reason right now but in the moment I always stumble over what to tell them.

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I came in America

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I'm a bit older but I used to love Mc Solaar as a kid growing up in montreal. There's a ton of good underground french hip hop though. Dead Obies are the newest thing to come out of Montreal (Solaar was from France I belive) I don't love everything Dead Obies do but they have a couple good bangers and they're were pretty impressive live