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I second this, as someone whos aunt was undercover against the likes of the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Italian, and Irish mobs. It changes you, a lot. My aunt retired as a Sgt recently, her last post wasnt as action packed.

But she went undercover and infiltrated multiple organizations, and dismantled them piece by piece.

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She wont talk about the details, but i know there was some bad shit she witnessed. A bunch of the folks are still locked up lets put it that way.

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You should tell the truth on how the US got the stuff.

They stole it from the Montreal lab.

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Question on manufacturing.

Why haven't we drawn up plans for an orbital manufacturing facility?

We have enough lift capability with the current rockets to get the piece of the structure up there, mind you it would take years to build and massive amounts of resources, but it would enhance our space exploration capabilities so we wouldn't have to deal with the atmosphere when it comes to launching craft at that point for exploration around the solar system.

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Well when you guys are doing them again hit me up, I'm up in Peterborough and always had an interest in space. So it'd be a great learning experience to come down, to see and learn what you guys are doing.